10 reasons to take a cold shower every morning

10 reasons to take a cold shower every morning
Water is a source of life that plays a huge role for our body. Both internally and externally. When you drink water you keep your body hydrated, enjoy stronger skin and essential functions in your body perform normal. However, the benefits of the water are not only these. Beyond the vital internal consumption, bathing also brings with it a number of positive health benefits. Daily shower is usually associated with maintaining good hygiene. Most people prefer to have a warm or hot shower because it is more relaxing. However, a number of studies indicate that high temperatures are not the most useful bath. Getting a cold shower is much healthier for the skin and body functions. Here are some surprising but very important health benefits associated with cold water.

It stimulates the immune system

Cold water provokes an instant reaction in the body, stimulating its resisting forces. So taking a cold shower is a good idea if you want to boost your immune system. When your body becomes accustomed to react in this way, it will be easier to fight viruses and infections.

Makes the skin more elastic

We will repeat something very important – cold water is extremely useful. When you take a cold shower, your skin regains its elasticity and strength. On the other hand, hot water weakens the skin, makes it dry and provokes the appearance of wrinkles.

Improves blood circulation

If you are among the people who have circulatory problems, cold water is a great effective therapy as it stimulates the circulation of blood in the body. It also improves the supply of organs and cells with oxygen and nutrients.

It prevents from varicose veins

By improving blood circulation and provoking vasoconstriction, cold water protects our body from the appearance of varicose veins and visibly reduces existing ones.

Helps the work of internal organs

Taking a cold shower is an accessible way to help the functioning of the internal organs. Why? As this stimulates the release of toxins through the pores.

Neutralizes stress

Cold water bathing has the ability to neutralize everyday stress and anxiety. Of course, you should not overdo the stay under the cold jet, as you risk the exact opposite effect.

Wakes up the body

Cold water stimulates the body, activates it and prepares it for action. We recommend that you take cold shower to start your day and to cope with the feeling of fatigue. Cold shower is also recommended after a morning workout.

It has a diuretic effect

Cold water improves the ability of the body to self-clean. Low temperature has a diuretic effect and prevents the formation of fatty deposits.

Prevents depression

A study by the University of Virginia shows that the cold shower stimulates that part of the brain responsible for the feeling of happiness. In this sense, taking a cold shower protects us from depression.

Maintains healthy hair

Cold water is also useful for another reason – it protects hair from drying out. High temperatures lower the water content of the hair, making it unhealthy and bad looking. Cold water does not make the hair dry and prevents dandruff, also.

Recommendations for taking a cold shower

If you are not used to cold water, we have prepared some quick recommendations. To get the benefits of the cold shower, gradually begin to adapt to the cold water and make it part of your habits.
  • Our first recommendation is to start with a hot shower. Then reduce the temperature of the water so you only feel a slight change, not a sharp amplitude.
  • Over time, you will be able to move from warmer to colder water. When you get to this moment, getting used to the useful cold shower is very close.
  • We recommend the cold shower also in the winter. We know that at this time of the year you would like to warm up well, but the cold shower will contribute more to strengthening your immune system. Of course, do not allow the cold water to make you tremble and frost. If you do not manage to withstand the low temperature, stop the cold showers in the winter and do them again in the spring.