Benefits of the Finnish dry sauna

Benefits of the Finnish dry sauna

The Finnish dry sauna, is perhaps the best known type of sauna to the general public. It is available in almost every hotel, spa or fitness center. It maintains an air temperature above 80 degrees. This type of sauna is most often made of aromatic wood. In combination with alternating cold water and fresh air, are very beneficial for improving tone, blood circulation and strengthening the immune system.


The dry sauna is a traditional, effective and safe method of removing toxins from the body through sweating. Due to its high, but tolerable, temperatures (usually between 80 and 100 degrees celsius), the Finnish sauna raises the temperature of our body. This in turn stimulates the sweat glands and causes deep sweating. Sweat is 99% water, but the remaining one percent contains some seriously unwanted toxins, such as nickel, copper, lead, sodium, mercury and many chemicals. Sweating in the sauna can also help us remove the chlorine and bromine that are found in public pools and hot tubs.

Pain relief

When our body temperature rises, our blood vessels dilate and blood circulation increases. This enhances the natural healing processes in our body, thus soothing pain in our joints and muscles and accelerating the healing of bruises and cuts. Studies show that using a dry sauna for only 10 minutes after a workout can significantly speed up the recovery of our body.

Relieves stress and elevates mood

When our bodies are exposed to high temperatures, they release endorphins – mood neurotransmitters that have analgesic and sedative properties. This, combined with the fact that it is calm and quiet in Finnish saunas, makes it an effective remedy against stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia. In fact, many doctors in Finland regularly prescribe this type of therapy for patients (including pregnant women) suffering from these diseases.

Helps treat cardiovascular disease

Studies show that our heart can accelerate from 60-70 beats per minute to 110-120 beats per minute in a traditional Finnish sauna. And then slow down to below average speed during the cooling process. These sudden temperature changes train the heart muscles and increase cardiac output, thus improving the health of our cardiovascular systems.

Weight loss

Using a dry sauna is like doing light exercises. It helps burn about 300 calories in a medium session. Regular therapies combined with a healthy diet and moderate exercise will help you lose weight and stay healthy.